What’s new in Dymatize?

We believe that 2017 will be one of the most exciting years of our history in more than 20 years. In essence, a change of image of our products with new packaging. We also have a robust line of new product development. We have recently launched new Elite protein bars and ISO 100 protein drinks, which are important protein products for our fitness audience. We wanted to make sure our customers can take Dymatize protein whenever they want. Our fans will have new flavors in our star products.

You Have Mentioned The Brand Change. What Is The Goal?

In 2015, he took a step back to look at ourselves. We knew we had some of the best quality protein products on the market, but the packaging and our message were not really reflecting our commitment to quality and the industry as a whole. We wanted our brand to look and feel like the top quality products that they are.
Therefore, we have done a lot of work to identify what our brands mean, and focused on such qualities as authenticity, trust, quality, cleanliness and effectiveness. We have a long history of commitment to protection and honor to athletes, so we want to make sure that our packaging represents scientifically tested product formulations. Science and quality play a very important role in our product development process.
Consumers have told us about the new packaging that looks clean, athletic and strong. It also supports our belief in being transparent about our ingredients. Since the new packaging has hit the market, we have been receiving a great response. We believe it is a great improvement, and we are excited about all Dymatize products and get this new, improved packaging. We believe it is a great improvement, and it is exciting to imagine all our Dymatize products with the same image.

“Dymatize: The Perfection of Athletic Nutrition”. What Does That Mean To You?

People who use our products invest an enormous amount of time and energy in achieving optimal physical fitness. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that these people are real athletes, and what they do requires a lot of discipline and effort. It takes a real commitment to get up every day, to compete, to train, and to build your best body or improve your overall performance.
We also know there is some skepticism about the sports nutrition industry, so we make sure that our product formulations are based on science. We want people to think about our industry and brand in a new way, which go beyond sports nutrition as we know it today. Dymatize Nutrition is sport, and we strive to perfect athletic nutrition in our products.

As You Mention, There Is The Perception That The Supplement Manufacturing Are Ingredients Within A Container. What does Dymatize intend to do to ensure that the labeling corresponds 100% with the product that goes into the packaging?

I think one of the most important issues that someone should ask themselves when selecting a sports nutrition product is, “How do I know the product I am choosing is legitimate, safe and effective?” Dymatize has extensive testing protocols in place, not only during manufacturing, but also after production. We are very sure of the ingredients that make up our products, and we try each one for its nutritional value and efficiency.
We produce only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and certified sports facilities, so our athletes can be sure that our products are validated, safe and free of prohibited substances. GMP is a system to ensure that products are manufactured and controlled To the quality standards. Then, our products go through additional testing with NSF International, an independent testing laboratory; And informed choice, a quality assurance program specifically for sports nutrition.
We also believe it is important that 100% of the protein demand per service is high quality, intact, pure proteins; We did not add amino acids to increase protein content. We were talking about the earlier brand change initiative, and if you look at our brand new tags again, you will see sections titled “Real Science and Quality” and “Protein Dymatize Ethics.” These sections explain exactly what we are talking about; We want to give our athletes the confidence that when they buy a product of Dymatize, the composition of the label is what is in the bottle.

Are There New Planned Product Launches?

Previously, I mentioned our new Elite Protein Bars and our ISO 100 Clear Protein Drinks. We have just released five flavors of Elite protein bars, and three flavors currently are releasing ISO 100 Protein Drink Clear.
So for now, our goal is to make sure the brand change and new packaging is working, and that these new protein products are available to all our consumers … but there are more on the way.
In the near future, we are going to launch a couple of new flavors of ISO 100. One of the new flavors of this year is in. We have several other initiatives in product development, but it is too early to talk about it. It all comes down to what I said before: Dymatize has a great 2017 ahead, and we are very happy and energized about brand change, innovation, new flavors, and more.

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