Led by Chief Science Officer Dr.Rob Wildman,RD LD FISSN,Dymatize Nutrition┬┤s Research and Development team collectively has over 50 years of Sport Nutrtion and product development expercience.
This immense experience base helps ensure that our products truly deliver results,all while maintaining award-winning taste.


Dymatize does what few,if any, other brands do-we conduct proprietary university research utilizing the mos cutting edge technology through DNSPI.We strive to prove the effectiveness of our products as a whole ,not just the individual ingredients – which is what makes Dymatize so effective.


Our customers are responsible for naming the best protein of the year. ISO 100 of Dymatize is the best protein of the year since 2013 “four consecutive years”. Undoubtedly, the brand is essential.

Informed-Choice is the only worldwide institution authorized to verify the quality of nutritional supplements. And Dymatize Nutrion has our certification and a monthly verification analysis.


Informed Choice

Serious athletes and bodybuilders often require advanced protein. This is where Dymatize’s ISO 100 is one of the purest and highest quality hydrolyzed whey proteins on the market today.


┬┐You have a store, or you are a wholesaler?

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Dymatize.UK as official distributor of Dymatize Nutrition was born with a clear mission “to offer the best deal to wholesalers and distributors“. We make available to sports nutrition entrepreneurs the # 1 brand in the market with the guarantees of direct treatment with Dymatize Nutrition. If you are a distributor or wholesaler do not hesitate and offer only Dymatize original products.